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Parliament of Ghana is open to visitors all year round from Monday to Friday.

Visitors are welcome to watch proceedings  from the public gallery. The gallery is usually open to the public from Tuesday to Friday when the House sits. You can, on most days, just turn up and wait for entry to the public gallery on the day. It is not necessary for individuals who wish to observe the proceedings of Parliament to seek advance permission in writing. Individual visitors are just required to come with some form of identification (Passport, Ghana card, e.t.c). After passing through the security screens, they are allowed in. 

However, those who wish to visit Parliament in groups or to embark on educational tours are required to put their request in writing to the Director of Public Engagement or complete the Online Application Form. There is adequate vehicle parking space for visitors in front of the main entrance to Parliament.

Rules for observing debates

  • Visitors are only allowed to observe the proceedings in the chamber,  they are not to involve themselves in the business of the chamber by means of loud commentary, clapping, demonstrations or unruly behaviour.

  • Photographs may not be taken without permission and that all packages, binoculars, photographic equipment, recording equipment and any other electronic devices must be checked in at entry point. Cellular phones must be switched off.

  • Visitors are to refrain from any actions, which may interrupt the proceedings in the chamber, and to abide by any instructions to the gallery, uttered by the Speaker. Visitors must also comply with any instructions given by security attendants.

  • Failure to observe these conditions may result in the removal of the visitor(s) from the gallery and referral of the incident to police investigation.

  • Visitors are required to dress formally and in a manner befitting the dignity of the House. 

  • Visitors in the galleries are required to rise to their feet each time the Speaker's procession enters or leaves the chamber.

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