The Bill will restore the Presidents’ discretionary power to revoke the appointment of government appointees to District Assemblies and appoint competent people who can work to support his vision. The Bill will also speed up the appointment processes to enable District Assemblies perform effectively and forestall further delay of appointments to District Assemblies.

The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Hon. Hajia Alima Mahama making the presentation observed that, following the passage of the Consolidated Local Governance Bill in 2016 (Act 936) the Local Government Act 1993 (Act 462) was repealed and currently there is no provision in Act 936 that gives the President the mandate to revoke the appointment of government appointees as stated in article 249 of the 1992 Constitution. She therefore pleaded with the House to approve the Local Government Amendment Bill 2017 to replace Local Government Act 1993.

Both Caucuses agreed that though it was a laudable initiative ‘‘it must be done in a manner that will not undermine the integrity of Ghanaians who have worked diligently for their nation’’.