Parliament to hold a requiem for the late Deputy Clerk to Parliament, Robert Ageya Apodolla.


Parliament is set to hold a requiem for the late Deputy Clerk to Parliament in charge of Legislative Management, Robert Ageya Apodolla.  

Robert joined the Parliamentary Service in 1991, as an Assistant Clerk Grade II. He was promoted to the position of Assistant Clerk Grade I in 1994. By dint of hard work, diligence, and commitment to duty, he rose through the ranks of Senior Assistant Clerk in 1998, a Principal Assistant Clerk in 2002, and became Deputy Clerk to Parliament responsible for Legislative Management Division (LMD) in 2006, a position he held until his untimely demise.  

Robert was very calm and peaceful. His generosity  and kindness made it easy for his colleagues to approach him with both work and personal issues. His passing on the 19th of February left most of the Members and staff in shock. We pray for a peaceful rest for his soul.  

Robert is survived by a wife, five children and a grandchild.