The Citizens’ Bureau is an office in Parliament that facilitates engagements and information sharing between Parliament and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). It is a platform through which public information from Parliament is shared with CSOs.

The Bureau also facilitates dissemination of information on various relevant research works conducted by CSOs and think-tanks to Members and officials of Parliament to enhance their work. The Bureau is equally responsible for the formulation, implementation and reporting on Open Parliament Initiatives under the Open Government Partnership.

Why Citizens Bureau?

Parliament has enjoyed the support of various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), think tanks and the media in the execution of its legislative, oversight, accountability and deliberative functions over the years. However, this partnership has been ad-hoc in nature. In recognition of the important role CSOs play in the governance space Parliament under Goal Three (3) of its Corporate Strategic Plan (2020-2024) emphasized the need to strengthen the representational role and public involvement in the work of Parliament by institutionalizing Parliament-citizens’ engagement through partnership with media, CSOs and think tanks.

The establishment of the Citizens’ Bureau is part of efforts by Parliament to mainstream CSOs' participation and harness their contributions to support the work of Parliament.

Key activities of the Bureau

The main activities of the Bureau are to:

  1. Facilitate meetings and other engagements between Parliament (Members of Parliament, Committees of Parliament and Officials of Parliament) on the one hand and Civil Society Organizations on the other hand.
  2. Facilitate the sharing of approved public information from Parliament to CSOs and the general public.
  3. Share relevant information from CSOs such as research reports with Members, Committees and Officials of Parliament.
  4. Facilitate capacity-building of CSOs, think tanks and the media on the work of Parliament.
  5. Partner CSOs to enhance public sensitization and awareness on the work of Parliament.

How can CSOs and Think-Tanks Participate?

The Bureau is open to all Civil Society organizations. However, to participate in the activities of the Bureau, CSOs are required to register here. This will assist the Bureau maintain a database of CSOs/Think-tanks and be able to contact particular CSOs whenever necessary.